Adverse Fever In Healthy People!

2020 John A. Catanzaro

Viral mimicry vaccine inducing a fever in healthy volunteers doesn’t substantiate an effective immunogenic model. Introduction. of a viral-like agent has provoked a non-specific antibody reaction in a healthy person infected with a large segment of the Spike protein of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

A challenge model with a segment of viral code will initiate viral type sequencing in host human cells with a strong potential of predisposing the healthy volunteer to the viral strain infection.

Secondly, non-specific antibodies over time will initiate potential self / non-self immune interactions and perfectly friendly and healthy self human cells of every human system and compartment be liable to attack from non-specific antibodies.

Failure to understand and identify immune susceptibility of infected patient population is the beginning point of trouble. Injecting healthy people and seeing grade 3 and 4 serious adverse responses in a non-infected healthy person exposes the healthy person to risk of actual viral disease and long term complications that may not occur for months to years after receiving the mRNA-1273.

COVID-19 infected patients are already in full disease and this model gives no assurance of therapeutic intervention whatsoever.