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Anti-Viral Vaccine Strategies Therapeutic, Prophylactic Or Challenge; The Best Approach

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The Viral Infection

COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) responsible for infecting the world population has initiated a myriad of vaccine approaches some which will yield ambiguity, uncertainty, unpredictability and serious harm. The virus is a sophisticated coding of protein and one mechanism of action is not sufficient to address the defense against it.

The First Rule

The first rule in medicine is to “Do No Harm.” This must be the center of the best approach that will assist a person’s immune system to fight, regulate and result in protective immunity.

Instead vaccine designers have been spending time, money and unnecessary attention on vaccine science that is not compatible with the person’s susceptibility and ability to fight, regulate and develop a natural-based immunity against the virus, or any virus for that matter.

The best design is a therapeutic design that works with a person’s immune system’s natural complimentary cascades and actions that will not create serious long term concerns and complications for the patient treated or their offspring.

Serious complications from designs other than natural immune-based therapeutic human susceptibility matched design based upon the body’s defense and regulatory immune cells will create more harm than the virus itself.

Therapeutic Vaccine Design

This treats the person’s known disease initiated by the virus. The world population is infected. It makes no sense to vaccinate healthy people that are not infected with the virus. It’s a crap shoot. Will antibodies be developed, what kind and what durability and long term effects will be observed? The answer is nada! No one knows. As a matter of fact the results are so ambiguous that current vaccine developers are figuring a way to cherry pic data to make it appear promising.

The therapeutic vaccine strategy will work at the infection stage because people are already infected. Healthy patients that do not have the active virus are healthy and unless they become infected they should be left alone and not exposed to anything that is viral-like as a trial. If they are exposed their immune system can become compromised and the intent of so-called protections and prevention of the viral-like vaccine can and will backfire igniting effects worse than the infection.

The therapeutic vaccine uses T cell initiated immune response that will naturally initiate balanced B cell responses to create memory immunity while actively fighting the infection. This design is a favorable and better model.

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Prophylactic Vaccine Design

In the mRNA-1273 model, the healthy person is given a large protein segment of the virus with the hope of antibody defense generated against the virus by using the same infection route as the virus. In other words, viral-like proteins (roll of the dice and unpredictable) will be produced with some sort of immune reaction. This model can initiate some significant unpredictability and unwanted effects. Serious long term genetic / epigenetic altercations can result for generations to come, which can include serious autoimmunity, metabolic disorders, disturbances in natural microbiome of every human system and serious birth defects. I rate this design highly risky and harmful genetically.

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Challenge Vaccine Design

In my opinion, this is the most ridiculous and dangerous. In this design patients are actively infected with the virus and then vaccinated with, again, an ambiguous immune model with no proven data or effects. What’s worse is that active virus is given to patients similar to animal studies where the animal is infected and then sacrificed to determine the effects of the proposed vaccine design. In this case the active infection induced by the challenge model will feed the already chaotic pandemonium with the high risk of sacrificial death of humans. I am sure that that this study design will then include autopsy to determine the cause of death related to the virus. This radical proposal to conduct ‘human challenge’ studies was presented in a way that convinced vaccine strategists to believe the design would dramatically speed up vaccine research as published in a Nature article. This is a design of disaster!

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Therapeutic T-Cell initiated treatment vaccine is the best approach to provide and work with a person’s natural immune susceptibility and responses and will be able to treat and actively engage the immune system to fight, regulate and create long term immunity without the serious ramifications noted with the approaches above. This is where bioscience needs laser focus for a much needed safe and effective treatment-based design.

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