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Cancer is Curable Now!

2019 John A. Catanzaro

Posted on Facebook Friends of John Catanzaro Page

Many of you are familiar with my work in cancer. Many patients received their hopeful treatments and are living cancer free today. I treated hundreds to thousands of patients offering personalized immune-based cancer vaccine treatment harnessing the immune systems components to fight the cancer continuously without harmful toxic effects! These patients otherwise had no hope!

Patients that came for treatment were all advanced stage cancer with no hope and many worn out by conventional treatments. Their immune system trashed by these therapies. My work was ahead of its time and it continues to be so!

My worked was stopped in 2013, made headline news, because the treatments worked! Many patients reported their extraordinary results to their oncologists and that disrupted the environment because patients were cancer free, otherwise told by their physicians they were terminal! No need to go into details as that is past and now is the opportunity!

I took a hiatus (retirement) and had several years to reflect, while Tana and I travelled to Asia and Mexico, as to whether I ever wanted to return to focus in providing the cure ever again.

It’s very interesting to share with you, when I was no longer in clinical practice, people would come to me, familiar with my work and say to me, “you can’t hide”, “you must not hide”, “we need you”, “what if it was your family member or close friend?”, “someone you love?”, or “someone you wanted to help?”, “would you continue to sit on what you know?”

All of these well meaning comments hit me like a ton of bricks. I struggled with guilt. My mind and heart perplexed and disillusioned. I remembered when I was ordered by Washington State to destroy the viable treatments my patients were waiting to receive. My other patients that had received the vaccine treatment were so fortunate! They are living and thriving and I am so happy for them!

However, I was ordered to destroy 26 patient viable treatments that dark day! Many patients died that could have been alive today enjoying life! Many hundreds to thousands would be receiving this treatment now!

All of this to say, I have worked through all of those pent up emotions and settled them for good! My mind and heart are at peace and I have great clarity! I have now returned to this arena with a new determination, not as a clinician but as an innovator / developer / leader / entrepreneur to provide a greater robust force in the cancer and complex disease treatment arena.

NEO7 is the organization that will provide hundreds of thousands to millions and even billions the hope of beating not just cancer but also autoimmune and complex diseases.

This company emerged out of my experience and very intricate knowledge of how the immune system fights cancer and disease. I formed the team through LinkedIn and now have 26 strategic partners and physical teams in China, US, Israel, India, Europe, Africa and Mexico.

I am writing this as many of my friends here have expressed wanting to support this NEO7. You can assist us at NEO7 in changing the globe and we are asking for your support by spreading the news, investing in our business integration and however you feel moved to support us.

Currently, the company will be beginning the work in Shanghai, China to develop the proof of concept and then moving to regions listed above. NEO7’s robust mission is to provide every person that needs precision-based treatment making access possible and to form centers around the world to offer and administer such treatment.

Your support and investment in NEO7 is much appreciated! If you are interested you may email me at

Motto: Access to hopeful personalized treatments now!

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Thank you my friends as you have provided me much inspiration through the years to make this time extraordinary!

John A. Catanzaro is CEO of Neo7logix, a bioscience company that designs precision and personalized treatment designs.

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