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Change Evolution and Shake Up

2019 John A. Catanzaro

At Neo7 Neoantigen Solutions We are are aware we need to package our solutions with investor appeal and this is a priority.

The questions we all know are what am I investing in, what does it offer that’s better than the competitive climate? how long does it take to do it? How long will it take, time line? What are the ROI on investment. How will you be actionable with heavy bureaucracy? What is your compliance plan. How is RA covered? What protections are in place? How much do you need for the first investment cycle? JV agreements and NDA relationships! IP and patent development and protections? CRO oversight in clinical study design? Levels. and stages of commercialization? Incubation model? Navigation in global focus and compliance within these countries? We are disrupters of the current model we want to follow reg rules with pushback.

Things do not change unless we expand the envelope! Courageous talk easy. Courageous action is pivotal. We are all tired and worn out from cyclical dysfunctional institutional academia.

We are all tired of the same routing, same cookie cutter approach with all the same focus. We find that many climb on the same common receptors, drugs and toxic applications in the same stubborn outdated medical system! We all are fed up with stalled hopeful and promising innovations pretty much killed by the institution’s executive decision often used as ploy for needed capital which then is appropriated for something other than the advancement of the hopeful treatment for the patient. Many doc friends of mine raised the funds for their hopeful projects and then their programs suddenly cut!

Disrupters do not tolerate, they create the new movement that represents what it markets and delivers what it forecasts! Precision / personalized medicine must not become another dysfunctional feather in the proverbial cap of the current broken medical healthcare delivery system!

Change and Shake Up The Broken Medical System With What Works!

John A. Catanzaro is CEO of Neo7logix, a bioscience company that designs precision and personalized treatment designs.

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