Complicated Reactions of mRNA Vaccines

2021 John A. Catanzaro

mRNA reactions occur and result from a short segment of a single viral protein translated from DNA to mRNA. The mRNA then becomes the agent that transcribes viral-like proteins, and the host cell then mass produces unidentifiable proteins with no known action. This design is falsely labeled a vaccine, and it is appropriately a gene therapy.

These proteins actions are said to augment the immune response to develop neutralizing antibodies to protect against viral exposure. The problem is healthy individuals with no previous viral exposure are given the vaccine with the above-described mechanism of action with some serious risk potential.

The random proteins produced by the mRNA set up the immune system for aggressive system failure. The aberrant proteins produced by the vaccine are then compounded by the actual virus’s inflammatory proteins, causing an immune crisis worse than the virus itself.

The type of severe adverse reactions is case by case. The duration of time that life-threatening reactions and deaths can occur hours, days, weeks, months, or longer. To date, there are more than 1000 reported fatalities and over 10,000 severe adverse reactions. This number continues to increase by a substantial margin weekly.