Correct Ivan, What is really impressive about this is some of the molecular proteins / peptides isolated are not among the common antigens usually expressed in the tumor environment or cell expressions, but have strong relationship to adhesive movement of the cancer, persistent inflammatory response, DNA check point controls, cell to cell communication associated with migration, etc.

So the isolated HLA matched peptides were selected based upon their strong immunogenic properties matched to the individual’s HLA A, B, C High Resolution classification and they were also selected based upon their relationships in cell resistance, invasion and escape controls and mechanisms. The important thing to note is that when a patient responded it was dramatic.

In addition, when a patient hit a point of resistance their HLA expressed antigens changed from their previous analysis and then the synthesis model changed which when the new set of peptides and defense cells were administered overcame the point of immune resistance further regressing tumor and circulating cancer cells.

So in some cases with aggressive cancer that responded initially to the initial vaccine hit a point of resistance analysis and typing of the unique expressed molecular products also changed. They were harnessed and synthesized and this perked the immune system to recognize the changed environment (higher mutations).

You can see that the treatment evolves. Not like if a patient is resistant to a chemotherapeutic regimen because the cells develop a tolerance against the agent. This occurs with biological agents as well. They reach a point of tolerance. When the cancer signature changes the immune environment changes and the adaptive treatment must change. Thus in the conventional environment options are exhausted more readily.

John A. Catanzaro is CEO of Neo7logix, a bioscience company that designs precision and personalized treatment designs.

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