Don’t Give Up Just Move On If You Must!

John A. Catanzaro

Just want to say we should never underestimate an evolving mind. James Watson is an example of an evolving mind. Back in 2005, he gave a TED talk on the DNA discovery and elaborated upon progressive identification of gene variants in Autism. This way before 23andMe. Shout out to all scientists that are laboring with the shift of the tide. The ebb and flow. Between excitement and boredom. From discovery to reality. Oh, and not mention just living life. Don’t give up, just move on if you must!

Note: He did not patent DNA and neither did the co-discoverers Francis Crick, Rosalind Franklin and Maurice Wilkins.

Thank you to all who are in the trenches of science and discovery!

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John A. Catanzaro is CEO of Neo7logix, a bioscience company that designs precision and personalized treatment designs. www.neo7logix.com

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