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4 min readJul 5, 2020


DNA to Personalized Design

2020 John A. Catanzaro

Beyond Biohacking

Working with the body clock and augmenting effects of accelerated aging is a reality. We can now go from DNA to personalized design. The engineering and architecture is available now to go beyond biohacking.

It’s About The Edits

Standard medicine is built upon the focus of disease. Personalized medicine is about the person. The human body is constantly making corrections known as “edits.” There are many factors that can influence these edits for health and long healthy living. In contrast, there are edits that can create chaos rather than harmony. These edits can include deletions or bad additions to the integral epigenetic coding of the person.

DNA Sense and Sensibility

A solid structural foundation will construct a healthy and long-lasting organism. DNA is an essential subatomic particle of life, however, it’s not the only thing. Without the optimal coordinated molecular communications network, DNA itself is just a double-strand chain that can repeat itself without any sense or sensibility.

The human is a DNA representation of sense and sensibility of the highest order. The genetic code of human assembly. We are human as a result of highly complex coordinated construct of DNA, as the fabric of genes and proteins harmonious synergies coordinating every molecular function.

Decoding the Code

Decoding the genetic code, the secret key to functional health and long-life, allows for influencing the molecular controls of body cells and systems to perform and adapt harmoniously. Decoding the human genetic code reveals both order and disorder of human function of sustainability and unpredictability of human existence. Influencing this code by producing sustainable editing that favors deceleration of unhealthy molecular changes and favoring adaptation and sustainability will allow for recognition and repair of faults caused by unpredictable changes.


DNA is personal. Molecular structure of humans is personal. Healthy living is personal. Any upset to this health is personal. Fixing any faults associated with disturbances of health is personal. Therefore, it takes more than just settling for a single medication, supplement, exercise, diet or special program. It is more than just mindset. Some of these adjustments can definitely influence healthy editing and some the opposite. However, edits occur regardless.

Understanding your genetic code and decoding, knowing how you are programmed / wired, is the very first step in engineering the fix against anything that hits your body sideways or attempts to blindside you.

Edits for Healthy Living

As mentioned above the human body is in a constant state of editing. Corrections, additions and deletions are made all of the time. These actions influencing every cell action of the human body every nanosecond of the day. Understanding these edits and having the ability to create edits that inhibit unfavorable actions of the human body is key. Disease is caused by harmful edits caused by harmful events or shifts in the environment. Humans are unique in that from the beginning of existence on planet earth editing and adaptation continually occurs. Generations of edits encoded in human life, as we know it, help us to understand how we can reach for the better edit and adapt a better code.

Genes Proteins Peptides

The coordinated function of systems depends upon seamless action of genes, proteins and peptide assembly that favor healthy sustainability of human life. The secret to such sustainability is found deep in human sequencing controlled by the genetic nucleic moiety and polypeptide fragment programming, all of which functions on a subatomic level.

Humans are an intricate sum architecture and engineering of polypeptide fragments controlled by subatomic events, which influence sustainability and adaptation of the parts that make up the molecular constituencies that program for a long healthy life.

Sustainability and Adaptation

Molecular reprogramming is a central focus of personalized medicine. The key to better health is better edits that favor sustainability and healthy adaptation. Our current world standards of care in medicine will change and favor the person and the ability to engineer better edits. This is not Sci-fi, this is reality. Expect some great advancements and enhancements ahead. It is changing health personally on a molecular level.



John Catanzaro

John A. Catanzaro is CEO of Neo7logix, a bioscience company that designs precision and personalized treatment designs.