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FDA / “Right to Try” / Control

2019 John A. Catanzaro

It is a known fact that chemotherapy is causing greater numbers of patient complications and deaths. Moreover, decline in a patient’s ability to have a chance to fight the disease and leaving patients vulnerable to other diseases.

Listening to the disclaimer of Humira regarding the drug’s serious adverse effects, leading cause of lymphatic cancer among other serious diseases and serious adverse effects is appalling.

Unfortunately, the multi trillion dollar profits made by selling these harmful drugs are good reason to use personalized medicine as a false hope, a facade to placate the public in thinking that they truly have the best interest of the patient at heart.

This deception leveraged by these big conglomerates that will quickly bury any hopeful personalized treatment. The FDA allows such manipulation and allowances for top performing toxic chemotherapeutic agents and immunosuppressive agents to continue to be primary and mostly, only options, with varying degrees of regimen adjustments, but not personalized whatsoever.

The FDA balks and practically makes it impossible for any “agent of change” that creates, heralds, provides thought leadership and innovation to make a difference for physicians that want the best for their patients and for patients to have the best personalized treatments available as a primary offering.

“Right to Try.” There remains bureaucratic criteria that must be satisfied before a patient has access to a personalized treatment immediately. Three words comes to mind, namely, money, power and control!

A well known cancer treatment institute touted personalized medicine as a false advertising campaign to boost their primary forms of therapy in cancer that remain the standard of care, namely, toxic chemotherapy.

Agents of change lead and take charge to enforce the freedom of choice in healthcare. In other words, leaders of change in personalized medicine don’t wait for the FDA to determine what is accessible or not available to the patient. They lead in changing the existing blockades and barriers to expedite personalized medicine as a primary treatment choice.

“Right to Try” must be right to access now, not when primary conventional treatment fails. Such failure is due to the administration of toxic drugs with near fatal results. “Right to Try” must be “Right to Access” now. Not after clinical trials, laborious and costly IND process taking years to complete and often promising treatments are shelved and dumped because the multi-trillion dollar pharmaceutical industry has influenced every medical center / institution and medical academic institution to remain manipulated and controlled.

Medical books, journals and medical literature are ladened with marketing campaigns of toxic drug advertising that sponsor medical eduction material, which in turn, keep generations of once inspired hopeful aspiring doctors into cynical users, furthering the damage caused by our tragic healthcare system. Bottom line is the patient suffers. While the oath remains, “first do no harm.”

Personalized medicine must be a primary treatment standard for all patients. Empower patients and physicians. Inspire healthcare professionals to make a difference by providing personalized treatments that make the difference. Encourage the inquiring inspiring minds of medicine to make the difference.

“Right to Try,” must be the right to choose and access without delay way before receiving toxic therapies wiping out any chances of cure.

Patients, you have the right to any hopeful safe personalized treatment as a primary choice. Physicians, you have the right to offer your patients personalized treatments as a primary choice.

Turn the tide and be an agent of change! I am and will advocate for you to choose personalized treatments as a primary choice. The right medicine for the right to cure!

John A. Catanzaro is CEO of Neo7logix, a bioscience company that designs precision and personalized treatment designs.

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