Gene Exome Sequencing

John A. Catanzaro

What is Whole Genome Exome Sequencing?

DNA based genetics is a fascinating and complicated science. Exome sequencing is able to provide sequence of huge numbers of different DNA strands at once. These sequencing technologies are revolutionizing our understanding in medical genetics, accelerating health-improvement projects, and ushering to a fully understood personalized medicine.

The aim is to provide efficient and effective genetic data for best gene identification in functional disease and development of targeted treatment. Accurate, fast and cost-effective identification and diagnosis continue to be a primary concern in clinical medicine. Similarly, the preclinical individuals at risk of having the disease could be identified.

Single and Multi gene implications in functional disease is revolutionizing personalized medicine by providing a precise predictive methodology that is crucial for both diagnosis and targeted treatment strategies that influence favorable epigenetic adaptation. There are many health conditions that are now profiled genetically with actionable solutions. I have completed over 2000 genetic surveys using this technology to design epigenetic treatment strategies with effective results.

A good reference article on the Exome Sequencing:

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John A. Catanzaro is CEO of Neo7logix, a bioscience company that designs precision and personalized treatment designs.

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