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2019 John A. Catanzaro

Healing occurs on many levels and for some individuals it seems to be off in the far distance, away from their physical essence. For others, healing is experienced and allowed.

We all need some type of healing at some point in our physical journey. Healing is a positive energy of allowance and is always flowing and it never stops. The key is allowing healing to take place.

For some individuals latching on to the disallowance of healing energy is habitual. It is better to frame healing as a powerful positive force that regenerates every part and essence of being than to disallow.

As a physician, when in clinical practice, I clearly recognized the patients that suffered disease resulting from a weakened body constitution. I also recognized patients that continuously reset their healing energy rather than give in to their weakened state.

I do not believe that sickness or disease is the result of some evil or curse. I do believe that forms of illnesses or disease can occur as a result of what we allow. However, I also believe that it’s a matter of body energy constitution as well. Some are endowed as constitutional powerhouses and some are not. It really doesn’t matter because we all need healing energy regardless.

I have observed some constitutional powerhouses squander health by bad habits and those less constitutionally endowed influence the world in powerful ways. In this case then, who are the sick?

Healing occurs continuously, gradually, instantaneously, miraculously, evidently and genuinely. The allowance of healing energy is a continual practice coming from a place of freedom and not one of desperation, constraints or limitations.

There are no prerequisites for the constant source of healing energy. It is available continuously and unconditionally. Any conditions placed upon such healing energy results from the constraints we create. Simply, no striving or constraints just receiving is all that’s required.

Allow healing habitually and focus upon it in belief at every moment, as it is a powerful energy that exists within you already.

Healing energy is evident within the essence of your existence when you consistently, unconditionally and habitually allow it.

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