Immunity Vs Vaccine ?

2020 John A. Catanzaro


Recovery Rate of COVID-19 Negates Vaccine Prophylaxis

The viral recovery versus death rate demonstrates favorable immune responses globally. Ambiguities are associated with COVID-19, which include test detection failure, fear reactions, subjective diagnosis, poor understanding of basic immunity and emphasis on prophylaxis rather than treatment.

The recovery rates demonstrate the active response rates that model defense and regulation that are occurring faster, which a prophylaxis vaccine can never match.

The current “warp-speed,” vaccines are already antiquated. The most pressing question statistically is viral related versus complicated overreactions reflected in the overall numbers. Statistically, the recovery rate is far greater than the death rate.

We have a clear picture, a prime set up for vaccinosis, which is prophylactic vaccine failure and a progressive risk on the population for any age or race of people of serious adverse reactions and death.

Senior and child populations have favorable immune responses to the acute phase of the virus. Current mRNA antibody vaccines and other ambiguous antibody designs accelerate vaccine related immune failure and a host of problems requiring immunosuppressive intervention medically, a “warp-speed” in the wrong direction!



John Catanzaro

John A. Catanzaro is CEO of Neo7logix, a bioscience company that designs precision and personalized treatment designs.