Harnessing and Capturing the Patient’s Immune System to Fight Cancer

2019 John A. Catanzaro

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The Patient is the Generator

Antiquated chemotherapeutic therapies continue to be mainstream in cancer medicine. Indeed this kind of treatment cripples and destroys the immune system and eventually causes system and end organ damage.

Coloring Outside of the Rules

As a physician specializing in cancer medicine, I was privileged to design a novel treatment that was highly criticized, ridiculed and halted. It was incredible to read and hear the harsh critics passing on an opinion in the media, especially being unfamiliar with the work.

The treatment design, in brief, was isolating cancer related genetic products from tumor, urine and blood and matching them with the patient’s genetics and inherent immune system defenses. These products isolated are known as hot immunogenic molecular polypeptides (gene encoded proteins).

Cancer is a complicated process, however, it has one main behavior characteristic, this being, it evades immune detection. Components of the immune system that fight cancers are known as stem cells, dendritic cells, T cells, natural killer cells, antibodies and inherent chemotactic agents.

When the immune system tolerates cancer, it fails to recognize misbehaving cells. These cancer-laden cells are indeed the enemy of every system and compartment of the human body. Molecular messages are generated regardless of the inept immune response towards the cancerous chaos. The molecular messages are isolated as I mentioned and then matched.

The Patient is the Cure

Harnessing these genetic molecular messages in the form polypeptide byproducts (gene / protein segments) and matching them with and individual’s own immune genetic matrix is the key to activating the immune system against the cancer. Friend / Foe identification and recognition is key to cancer defenses.

This identification / recognition genetic matrix is known as the HLA system, human leukocyte antigens, otherwise known as the histocompatability system. It is the same system used when an individual is being matched for an organ (heart / kidney, etc.), in order to have an exact match. This exact match is essential in order to prevent the immune system from attacking and rejecting the organ by attacking the organ that came from the outside from a donor (foreign entity).

Knowing the individual’s immune hot spots and training the defense cells (T cells, natural killer cells, stem cells, dendritic cells, antibodies and chemotactic cells) to respond by recognizing the cancer cell as a foreign entity is the key to eradicating the cancer. Basically, using transplantation / rejection genetics (HLA System), training the defense cells to attack cancer cells that are labeled with faulty genetic molecular products, also known as tumor antigens existing and expressed on the cancer cells.

As mentioned, the cancer related molecular products we isolated and matched. In addition, all the defense cells of the individual were isolated and grown using growth factors in culture for seven days and they expanded exponentially in culture and then they were labeled with the molecular peptide segments that were isolated and matched to the individual’s immune genetics to fight against the cancer ladened cells. After the cells in culture matured and expanded they were the ready to be infused intravenously, thus beginning the very aggressive attack. The trained cells, like a magnet moved toward their targets and devoured the cancer cells.

When this aggressive attack occurred a cancer cell self destruct signal was initiated globally attacking every cell with the bad cancer message. Cancer cell suicide initiated by the trained immune system using the rejection genetic arm to recognize the foe. The once tolerating immune system now recognized that the cancer is not a friendly self entity but indeed an enemy.

The team for the innovation included myself and 4 other brilliant Harvard / Dana Farber molecular and peptide scientists. I also collaborated with a close associate from St Jude’s Cancer Research that specializes in genetically matched polyclonal antibodies. Brilliant fellows!! I spearheaded the innovation.

Folks, all of this written to say that there is a better way to fight cancer.

John A. Catanzaro is CEO of Neo7logix, a bioscience company that designs precision and personalized treatment designs. www.neo7logix.com

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