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Inherent inconsistencies with the current Jurassic Park mRNA-1273 viral / host model is non-specific production of antibodies. Non-neutralizing antibodies are problematic and measurement of these antibodies are much more significant, than the weak responses occurring with the current vaccine trial design and generated neutralizing antibodies.

Clinical data from 8 patients (45) with equal matching neutralizing antibodies as observed in convalescing cases recently touted is ludicrous. Weak neutralizing antibodies with unknown numbers of non-neutralizing antibodies as the virus continues to replicate in the non-neutralizing antibody environment encourages continual viral replication / mutation, antibody dependent enhancement (ADE) and cytokine inflammatory crisis, a life threatening accelerated reaction.

Viral vaccine progeny produced with threatening, unpredictable non-neutralizing acceleration and development damaging irreversible genetic altercations that will threaten generations to come with immune threats and vulnerability, illnesses of unknown origin, severe autoimmunity of every body system, neurological damage, birth defects and metabolic errors.

Moderna did not release results from the other 37 trial participants. That doesn’t mean they didn’t develop neutralizing antibodies, but it makes it basically impossible to evaluate the overall data. Moderna provided the data they had and it’s not really enough for a real evaluation. This may be a way of saying that the Moderna release was publicity and news, but not science. The data is only two weeks old.

“That’s very early,” Anna Durbin, a vaccine researcher at Johns Hopkins University, told STAT. “We don’t know if those antibodies are durable.”

None of this is particularly surprising. For several years, Moderna, which has been the darling of investors, has been notoriously secretive. The company has been excellent at raising money and in December 2018 set a record for the largest biotech initial public offering (IPO), raising about $604 million, which gave the company a market value of about $7.5 billion.

Key concerns, in addition to the post, is the data is ambiguous, non-specific and marginal.

The most serious concern is a vaccine that is mandated taking away the freedom of health care choice. Much of constitutional freedom is hit, including freedom of. speech. YouTube scrubs truthful disclosures!

The multifarious obstacles associated with mRNA’s extremely large size, charge, intrinsic instability, and high susceptibility to enzymatic degradation hamper the translation of mRNA-based therapeutics from the bench to the bedside. This is a known inherent challenge with mRNA delivery. Short half-life of a large molecule that can quickly initiate immune cascade events that are a result of it’s own instability. Moderna has claimed they have addressed this by their delivery system. Evidence points to the contrary. The scientific literature consistently demonstrate these inherent inconsistencies!

Pharmaceutical companies routinely release so-called “topline” data, an initially limited snapshot of results in a press release, and then follow up with more detailed information at a later date. It’s also not at all uncommon to report interim results from incomplete ongoing studies. Even by that standard, Moderna’s release has issues. The company’s phase one trial was primarily intended as a first look at the vaccine’s safety rather than a hard test of whether it works. While the safety disclosures didn’t produce big red flags, they also weren’t flawless or especially detailed, especially considering that the company’s technology has never produced a widely used human vaccine.


Unpredictable and unknown immune / molecular genetic actions of this mRNA-1273 are masked.


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John A. Catanzaro is CEO of Neo7logix, a bioscience company that designs precision and personalized treatment designs. www.neo7logix.com

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