Oncogenic Addiction

Cancer Cell Suicide

Tumor Regression

John A. Catanzaro

Immunocentric based immunotherapy focuses in on toggling the immune system in the right direction of defense against cancer cells. The key is in the training of cells to go to their targets and induce cancer cell death, otherwise know as apoptosis and oncogenic addiction.

Oncogenic addiction, in an immunopeptide based regime initiated cancer cell death acceleration in very aggressive tumors with very rapid tumor regression in advanced cases after subq immunogenic vaccination and sequential trained defense cell infusion. Pulsed immune reg control was also implemented to control tumor crisis response, which included CD25 and associated reg interleukins along with titrated sodium bicarbonate infusions.

Defense and Reg Cell Variants include selected CD303, CD304, CD16, CD56, CD4, CD8, CD25, CD34 were among common expanded trained cultures using selected hot immunogenic HLA molecular matched peptides.

Immunocentric innovations are key in creating defense movement and trained mimicry of defense cells is crucial in surveillance, defense and regulation of the immune response.

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John A. Catanzaro is CEO of Neo7logix, a bioscience company that designs precision and personalized treatment designs. www.neo7logix.com

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