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Louis Pasteur

After successfully protecting dogs from the disease called Rabies, Pasteur agreed to treat his first human patient, a nine-year-old boy who had been so severely attacked by feral dogs there was little doubt he would die if nothing was done.

Pasteur injected the boy with a daily series of progressively more virulent doses of the vaccine from the rabies-infected rabbits. The boy never developed symptoms and Pasteur became an international hero. Why? He treated an infected boy that otherwise had no hope. There is more to the story because he was met with resistance by his colleagues every step of the way because he knew he needed to treat the infected child.

Treatment was the primary focal point before prophylaxis because a child would die if he was not treated.

Sars-CoV-2 COVID19

People are infected with active virus, therefore, healthy patient models are not effective models for treatment based solutions. The current common focus is not a treatment based design for the sick people already infected and in various stages of disease. Utilizing technology, genotyping, docking and haplotyping technology are essential in architecting a precision world population design.

Early Pioneers

Early pioneers had the wisdom to know that in an ailing population the sick needed the hope of treatment-based and prophylaxis design with curative outcomes.

The current model is counterintuitive and the early vaccine pioneers adapted an immune evolving evolution though not as precision-based as we can do in real time currently. Nonetheless, used a much more forward thinking innovative rationale. There is always risk in creating new designs and we are equipped to mitigate these risks by precision controls and designs that are highly relative to individuals and the world population at large.

With all of our technology you would think our current research-based compliance and regulatory requirements would be much further ahead? What are the plans for treating the stages of disease of already infected people? Prophylaxis and healthy volunteer models are ludicrous? Prophylaxis and treatment based vaccine models that are more precision-based and population specific are necessary?

Natural Immune Mimicry

Also, natural mimicry of immunity is not about creating potential mRNA segment coding of viral mimicry that can be used by smart viral evolutionary intelligence to cascade higher mutations of viral / host progeny, rather than the intended antibody responses, which may backfire.

Other concerns of Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) and cytokine inflammation complications are already exhibited by Sars-CoV-2 COVID19?

COVID19 Antibody Responses

COVID19 (virus species causing the common cold), already is in the category of low adaptive / passive memory immunity and in the world population of sick people other predisposing factors, for example, currently immunologic biological drugs prescribed to patients for other serious health conditions that may compete, contraindicate or complicate reactions, immunosuppressive drugs that may suppress, preexisting autoimmunity, cancer, viral and mysterious related sickness and also concerns over age bias in the world population?

Patients receiving cancer treatment are high risk because their immune system is already trashed by conventional therapeutics that demonstrate the same type of counterintuitive and complications associated with their administration. Again, the result of failure of precision-based / personalization modeling in disease-X conditions.


There is great experience and wisdom from our vaccine pioneers. Integrate this with the great benefits of doing it right for the individual patient suffering with the disease as treatment, as well as prophylaxis and this construct is a guaranteed win.

Our current bioscience technology, sequencing, synthetic biology, bioinformatics and molecular precision with cloud based applications and the computing power and logistics processing offerings can tailor architect a precision-based immune design for people worldwide in real time and provide surveillance of efficacy or requirements for change at every step.

Preparedness and Readiness

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