What is a Patient-Centered Immunocentric Model?

We all are aware as physicians and research scientists that mouse models do not work. I attended an AACR conference and there were some amazing research models presented with humanized mice. One notable scientist interrupted a presenter abruptly and humorously asked, does this work with humans, people, individuals, with the disease? An uproar of laughter resonated from the attendees. Bravo!! Someone had the guts enough to ask the question most are afraid to ask because they may lose their grants, violate patents, violate institutional regs, lose the money!

At Fred Hutch Cancer Institute Seattle, an associate when discussing my work with immunocentric strategies with him said, John let me give you some advice and warning, our lead staff attorney continuously checks in with me and asks me if I am keeping him out of trouble. He doesn’t care about amazing developments or progress to assist patients just wants to keep the institution out of trouble. That doesn’t resonate with the original mission statement of Fred Hutch.

Patients are dying! No time for mice and institutional squabbles. The immunocentric model puts the patient and the immune focused innovation first and it is accessible

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John A. Catanzaro is CEO of Neo7logix, a bioscience company that designs precision and personalized treatment designs. www.neo7logix.com

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